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Jason DeShaw: The Singer & Mental Health Advocate

Remember Jason?    We brought him to Peoria back in 2016 to talk and perform during Mental Health Awareness Week.  His  visit was great and we were so blessed to have him as the demand for him and his message continues to grow.  Jason has Bipolar Disorder, but after successful diagnosis and treatment, he now tours the country sharing his message of hope & recovery through his words and his music.   Here’s his signature song:  Somewhere Under The Rainbow.

He has also received awards and honors, including from NAMI.   Check out Jason’s website:  The Country Way

He is a friend of Glenn Close, the actress and mental health advocate herself, and he was invited to speak and perform in New York City at one of her functions.   Jason said the experience was fantastic and Glenn is an awesome, personal and thoughtful lady.  We salute Glenn Close for her outstanding advocacy on mental health issues!   Check out her organization’s website: BringChange2Mind

And we salute Jason for his stand and his outspoken advocacy on his journey!   Thank you Jason!


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