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June, July & August 2020 Family Forum Newsletter

The Pandemic Pause of 2020!    This issue focusses on the pandemic and how we cope and deal with it.   We’re in a new kind of normal in all of this, but we are all in it together and together, we will beat it and get our lives nack to normal.

March, April & May 2020 Family Forum Newsletter

This quarter’s newsletter focusses on trauma in our lives.

Our monthly education meetings held at ICC North Peoria Campus will talk about this important topic.

Education Meetings: 

First Thursday of Most Months:  7pm to 8:30pm, ICC North, Poplar Hall, Room 127

March 5 Education Meeting:  Recovering From Trauma

April 2nd Education Meeting: Trauma within the Family

May 7th Education Meeting: Bullying!


December 2019, January & February 2020

Come join us!   Food, Fellowship & Fun!  

Holiday Party:  Thursday, December 12th, 5pm setup with dinner at 6pm.
Immanuel Lutheran Church, 526 East Washington Street, East Peoria, IL
Potluck Dinner- Meat and drinks provided by NAMI, please bring a dish to pass & share or just come!  We’ll have plenty!  
Call 309-693-0541 with any questions.   


September, October & November 2019

PhanieRae & The Soul Shakers!    Our annual fundraiser is taking a soulful change this year!   We’re skipping our usual Pork Chop/Hog Roast and teaming up with The 5th Quarter in East Peoria for a really great, fun event.   Check it out and please tell a friend!

Click here for The 5th Quarter’s Website:  The 5th Quarter’s Website

Information about our upcoming fundraisers and education meetings, introduction of new Board Members, and data about the effects of marijuana on the brain can be found in this newsletter.

Also it’s back:  TRIVIA NIGHT!    On Saturday, October 5th at Lakeview’s Bonnie Nobel Center.   Click here for flyer & info:  Trivia Night

June, July & August 2019

Annual election of our NAMI Officers:  June 6th, 2019 at our monthly education meeting.  Also in this issue: HOW DOES CULTURE AFFECT MENTAL HEALTH?   It’s a great write-up!
AND mark your calendar’s for our annual fundraiser featuring PhanieRae & the Soul Shakers.   Instead of our annual Pork Chop Fest or Hog Roast. we are partnering with the 5th Quarter in East Peoria.  Saturday, September 21st.  7 to 10pm.   They have a great local following and they are a great soulful band.

March, April & May 2019
In the newest edition of our Family Forum Newsletter we focus on Bipolar Disorder, Fact vs. Myth. Also be sure to read about Illinois’ Recovery & Empowerment Calls on page 5. It’s a great tool for those living with a mental health condition and receiving mental health services.

December 2018, January & February 2019
Topics for this Newsletter: Depression!
Some great articles on dealing with different kinds of depression.

September, October & November 2018
Anxiety & Panic Attacks!
Pork Chop Fest:  Saturday, Sept 22nd, 3:30 to 6:30pm

June, July and August 2018
NAMI Releases New Crisis Guidelines

March, April and May 2018
Silver Linings Playbook Movie Night!  
Landmark Cinemas
May 3rd – 6:45 PM

December, January and February 2018
Christmas Party!    Thursday, Dec 7th, 6pm Dinner
Immanuel Lutheran Church
526 East Washington St.
East Peoria, IL

September/October/November 2017
Pork Chop Fest!    Detweiller Park:  Saturday, Sept 23, 3-7pm
The Tom Beckman Band will entertain!
Mental Health Awareness Week:  October 2-7.
Media and Behavioral Health

June/July/August 2017
Concerns about the Health Care Bill
Educational Opportunities with upcoming classes
Thank You’s!!!!
Dual Diagnosis Article

April/May 2017
Unbroken Glass Film!
COGs is Active Again: Page 4
Calendar of Events:  Page 7
Personality Disorders: Page 8-11

February/March 2017
Mental Health Reform!
Mental Health Workshops
Mental Health Court in Tazewell County

December/January 2017
Merry Christmas Everyone!
No Education Meeting This Month
But join us for the Christmas Party!
How Does the Tri-County Area Handle
Health Crises?

October/November 2016
-The Jason DeShaw Performance
-Serenity in the Storm
-Living with Bipolar Disorder

August/September 2016
– Sleep and Mental Health

June/July 2016
– Helping During Trauma

April/May 2016
– Psychotherapies: Neurotherapy, Brainmapping, and others

December/January 2015-16
– Healthy Family Relationships

August/September 2015
– Mental Health Challenges for College Students

June/July 2015
– Physical Health and Mental Illness

April/May 2015
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

February/March 2015
– Mental Health for Children and Adolescents

December/January 2014-15
– Mental Health for the Elderly

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