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September, October & November 2018
Anxiety & Panic Attacks!
Pork Chop Fest:  Saturday, Sept 22nd, 3:30 to 6:30pm

June, July and August 2018
NAMI Releases New Crisis Guidelines

March, April and May 2018
Silver Linings Playbook Movie Night!  
Landmark Cinemas
May 3rd – 6:45 PM

December, January and February 2018
Christmas Party!    Thursday, Dec 7th, 6pm Dinner
Immanuel Lutheran Church
526 East Washington St.
East Peoria, IL

September/October/November 2017
Pork Chop Fest!    Detweiller Park:  Saturday, Sept 23, 3-7pm
The Tom Beckman Band will entertain!
Mental Health Awareness Week:  October 2-7.
Media and Behavioral Health

June/July/August 2017
Concerns about the Health Care Bill
Educational Opportunities with upcoming classes
Thank You’s!!!!
Dual Diagnosis Article

April/May 2017
Unbroken Glass Film!
COGs is Active Again: Page 4
Calendar of Events:  Page 7
Personality Disorders: Page 8-11

February/March 2017
Mental Health Reform!
Mental Health Workshops
Mental Health Court in Tazewell County

December/January 2017
Merry Christmas Everyone!
No Education Meeting This Month
But join us for the Christmas Party!
How Does the Tri-County Area Handle
Health Crises?

October/November 2016
-The Jason DeShaw Performance
-Serenity in the Storm
-Living with Bipolar Disorder

August/September 2016
– Sleep and Mental Health

June/July 2016
– Helping During Trauma

April/May 2016
– Psychotherapies: Neurotherapy, Brainmapping, and others

December/January 2015-16
– Healthy Family Relationships

August/September 2015
– Mental Health Challenges for College Students

June/July 2015
– Physical Health and Mental Illness

April/May 2015
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

February/March 2015
– Mental Health for Children and Adolescents

December/January 2014-15
– Mental Health for the Elderly

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