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The LA Times discusses the life of recently deceased actress and stigma buster Patty Duke in, How Patty Duke broke a Hollywood taboo and became a mental health pioneer linked here.

The Washington Post addresses depression and suicide in, I told the truth in my sister’s obituary, so that other might choose to live – an article by Eleni Pinnow linked here. <
Country Musician Jason Deshaw Lionel Aldridge Award winner:
Click On:

 Jason’s Under The Rainbow video:  VIDEO

Minds on the Edge Facing Mental Illness

Minds on the Edge Facing Mental Illness is a website with insightful videos about mental health issues. The site is filled with stories of recovery and of society’s progress in dealing with brain disorders. Visit the site with this link –

CBS News Story

CBS News aired a story titled Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness. Visit and watch this story with this link –

Strategies For Helping People Who Do Not Know They Are Sick

This video presents strategies forfor addressing denial and lack of insight in mental illness. Dr. Amador is an internationally sought-after speaker, clinical psychologist, professor at Columbia University Teachers College in New York City, the Founder and Director of the LEAP™ Institute and author of eight books including the national best seller “I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help!™” Dr. Amador’s LEAP program trains people to avoid conflict with those in need of help. Watch the video with this link – (Dr. Amador’s Strategy Video – link)/a>

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