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Bradley University: Social Factors in Alcohol Reward & Risk For Problem Drinking

Bradley University is hosting a researcher from UIUC, Dr. Catharine Fairbairn, next month (April 23 at 630p) who will be talking about research on what motivates people to consume alcohol. The studies she will discuss are creative, interesting, and shine new light on what motivates people to drink, how it can become a problem, and directions for intervention. Details below.

Dr. Catharine Fairbairn
Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 6:30 p.m.
Robert Michel Student Center Ballroom

A beer after work can relieve the day’s tension, a bottle of wine with a friend can conjure a sense of warmth, and a mixed drink at a social gathering can engender feelings of elation or, alternatively, ease the stress of the occasion. For decades, scientists have sought to capture emotional rewards from alcohol, since these are believed to be key in the development of problematic drinking in some individuals. Importantly, however, although most everyday alcohol consumption occurs in social contexts, scientists studying alcohol’s effects have largely neglected social elements of alcohol reward. I present a program of work aimed at examining social rewards associated with alcohol and how these might be used to better understand problematic drinking patterns.

Catharine Fairbairn, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she directs the Alcohol Research Lab and has received numerous awards for teaching and research. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical and Health Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and internship at the University of Michigan. Her research takes a multi-method approach and she has already published dozens of studies exploring the role of basic social and affective processes in alcohol use.

A poster session highlighting the research accomplishments of BU Department of Psychology’s honors students will be held immediately prior (530-630p) in the lobby.

Admission is Free

Sponsored by the Daniel J. Elias Endowment Fund and
the Bradley University Department of Psychology
For more information, call 309-677-2584

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