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In our anxieties, our doubts and insecurities, many of us share that common bond of either having a mental illness, knowing someone with a mental illness or being a caregiver of someone with a mental illness.   You are not alone!     There is a whole world of knowledge out there in NAMI.   We have “been there, done that” ourselves and we are with you.   For us, Mental Health Awareness isn’t just a day, week or month; it’s our everyday lives.  We look forward to being with you again in person, at our monthly activities once this pandemic subsides and it will subside and end.  In the meantime, continue to Speak Up & Reach Out.   It is our advocacy that helps others and ourselves.


                                                                  Mack’s Gave Back!                           

Thank you Mack’s!    We greatly appreciated Mack’s Bar & Grill in Downtown Peoria’s generous donation!

Check out this clip of our local NTCI affiliate Beth Lawrence’s recent interview at Mack’s:  Beth’s Interview  

It’s Time to Take Action!   It really is, especially now, during this pandemic.  It’s time to continue educating ourselves about mental illness, continue the dialogue about mental illness; understanding it, working towards better parity with other health issues and above all, ending the stigma of mental illness.   To everyone who has played a role in helping others with mental illnesses, from our NAMI family to yours: THANK YOU!   


The following videos are so informative on a variety of topics on mental illness:

Mayim Bialik:  Why I’m Stigma Free:  


Anxiety:   This is a great short video from one person’s perspective on dealing with anxiety.   She is right, sharing our stories helps others.  

This short video is a great example of what those with schizophrenia deal with:  


This short video about Bipolor Disorder gives a great description of it:  


If you’ve wondered what are the warning signs of a mental health condition, here is a quick video to watch:

 What is Depression?

  This has been a very challenging year for all of us and we hope, as you do, that the pandemic will end soon.  

For NAMI National, click here to see the daily event calendar:   NAMI Mental Health Awareness Information


To our local Tri-county NAMI and Mental Health Community:   Below are some very helpful links to help all of us know more about the COVID 19 pandemic and NAMI’s position on how we are getting information and help out there.   


Click here for NAMI’s COVID-19 Information & Resource Guide:   Questions and Answers
You may also download the PDF for these questions and answers from the opened link.

NAMI’s CEO’s Statement on racism:  Click here.

ONLINE NAMI ILLINOIS SUPPORT GROUPS:  Since we can’t meet locally due to the virus, NAMI Illinois is sponsoring online support groups via a registration process and link.    NAMI Illinois is offering 4 different ones, meeting weekly or every other week.  Everyone is invited until each group fills up. The most newly added group is one for frontline workers, those in healthcare or any situation in which you are exposed to many people daily.                                                                                                                           


We have been informed that ICC has decided to not allow any outside groups to meet at their locations the remainder of 2020.   We are currently seeking new locations for our meetings and will do out best to keep you posted.   In the meantime, please stay safe!

More information from the Centers for Disease Control:    COVID-19 

If you are in a crisis please text the word N-A-M-I to 741741 for help.  

Attention:  Due to precautions over the Coronavirus pandemic, all programs and events have been cancelled through the end of September.   We will update you on this situation as things change.  We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you for your support of NAMI and NAMI Tri-County Illinois.   Stay safe!  

Anxiety?  Here’s some good information: The Younique Foundation

Hello NAMI members and friends:

Our lives have been very different lately, as we’ve made efforts to stay at home as we’ve been directed, changed habits, learned to meet needs differently. 

 In the mean time, NAMI Illinois has established a new plan for holding support groups on line. They won’t be specific to our Tri-County area and will require preregistration by 4:30 on the day of the meeting and the use of Zoom. The web page explains.

The online NAMI Family Support Groups and NAMI Connection Recovery Support Groups begin this week:

  • Family Support Group: Wednesday, 7:00-8:30
  • Connection Group: Thursday, 7:00-8:30
  • Parent Support Group: Friday 7:00-8:30.

Here’s the link to the landing page about the groups; it’s the same landing page regardless of the type of group; once you’re on that  page,  select the group for which you want to register

Feel free to call our information line at 309-693-0541 see additional information on our website at  or FaceBook:  Nami Tri-County IL.         Wishing you healthy bodies and healthy minds during this unusual time.


State Wide Calls:  VISIONS FOR OURSELVES:   

Check out the flyer below and pick an option or do all of them.  

Click this link for more details:  Visions for Ourselves.
Click this link for Call Instructions:
Click this link for the Sign In Sheet

!2020 Statewide Call Flyer



In The News: NAMI Tri-County Illinois

August 19, 2020


Well Beings!  In this edition we call your attention to Well Beings, a program launched by WETA, a Washington, DC PBS station.  It’s a media even to urge the country toward a more thoughtful conversation about mental health.  More information on this in the newsletter.  

COVID 19 RESOURCE GUIDE: Nami has published a 24 page booklet to help navigate the pandemic.  Please read about that at:

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